About the Project

Producing natural gas and liquids since 1999, the Sable Offshore Energy Project is Canada‚Äôs first offshore natural gas project. Sable has been responsible for providing a new source of clean energy to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and new supply to the northeastern United States. Learn more »


The Sable Offshore Energy Project provides a wide variety of benefits to the province. These include employment, education, training, infrastructure, royalties and a new clean fuel option. The project's benefits have been many and have opened up opportunities for Nova Scotians here and around the world. Learn more »

Safety and Environment

ExxonMobil Canada conducts its business in a responsible and ethical manner that protects the safety and health of employees, others involved in its operations, its customers and the public. Furthermore, it is committed to conducting business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates. Learn more »