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ExxonMobil Sable Project
Operations Opportunities Commitment to Nova Scotia Bits & Bytes


To view the application to renew Sable facilities licenses made to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, click here

Please Note: All information about expressions of interest and other procurement information can now be found at www.bids.ca.

Energy From Sable to You

From 5,000 metres below the ocean floor to the pilot light in your stove, take a journey with the natural gas from the sable energy fields. This interactive tour shows how gas is formed, how we first discovered it, and how we bring it to you.


Many factors go into establishing ExxonMobil Canada's credentials as one of the country's premier petroleum and petrochemical company. One of the most important is operating with meticulous attention to the safety and health of our employees and the communities where we operate, as well as a conscientious regard for the environmental impact of our activities and products.

Community Sharing

Success can be measured in many ways. At ExxonMobil Canada, one measure is how well we contribute to the quality of life wherever we do business. Our success in the petroleum industry allows us to continue our long tradition of improving the communities where we create jobs and provide products – like right here in Nova Scotia.

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