After more than 20 years since development began, December 31, 2018 marked the end of natural gas production from the Sable project. To all who supported Sable over the years, thank you for showing that Nova Scotia's offshore can be developed safely and responsibly.

About the Project

The Sable Offshore Energy Project was Canada‚Äôs first offshore natural gas project. Sable has been responsible for providing a new source of clean energy to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and new supply to the northeastern United States. Learn more »


The Sable Offshore Energy Project provides a wide variety of benefits to the province. These include employment, education, training, infrastructure, royalties and a new clean fuel option. The project's benefits have been many and have opened up opportunities for Nova Scotians here and around the world. Learn more »

Safety and Environment

ExxonMobil Canada conducts its business in a responsible and ethical manner that protects the safety and health of employees, others involved in its operations, its customers and the public. Furthermore, it is committed to conducting business in a manner that is compatible with the balanced environmental and economic needs of the communities in which it operates. Learn more »