August 13, 2019

Statement regarding the November 5, 2018 dropped-object near miss on the Noble Regina Allen (NRA)

ExxonMobil Canada has received a notice of violation from the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) in connection with the November 5, 2018 dropped-object near miss on the NRA, and has paid the administrative monetary penalty.

While we do not agree with all aspects of the notice, the central facts in this incident are not in dispute. No one was injured but someone could have been, and for us this is not acceptable. Safety is a core value for ExxonMobil. It is more important than any business objective.

ExxonMobil reported this incident, conducted a five-day safety stand-down and extensive review, and initiated investigations by the rig contractor and ourselves. We have cooperated fully with the CNSOPB investigation.

We have shared learnings across our organization and the industry. We have worked on a rigorous follow-up program with our rig contractor to ensure ongoing adherence to all applicable safety procedures aboard the NRA.

The Sable Project has operated more than 16 years without a lost-time incident. Only by learning from incidents such as this near miss can we realize our vision of “Nobody Gets Hurt”.